Advice is something which we everyone receive one or the other way in life may be from our elders, friends, people around us, some people may make the best of it and some may avoid it, overall it depends on the person. Most of our elders and teachers advice us  based on their experience. Hence experience matters the most. Some things which we have done, which should not be done¸ which should be avoided, we can tell our juniors, so that they do not repeat it like us.

When I was in my high school, One of my lecturers used to tell a saying, “Delays are Dangerous”, I did not knew the importance of this until I faced a situation at WKC, in our SOTP camp  during the project presentation our team was late by one minute, hence we lost the opportunity, even I understood the value of time through that incident.

When I was in my pre- university, my friends left me in the lab and had gone to park without waiting for me, I was very sad because I was alone in the class but later I met my lecturer who was transferred to other college as she was my favourite, I could spend some time with her, so I felt it was good that they did not take me along with them or else would have missed it, so this incident reminded me of my mom’s advice that is whatever happens, happens for good.

When I was in my first year of engineering I had not applied for some scholarships which was meant to be applied in first year, later you would not be eligible, so had suggested some of my juniors and cousins to not miss it,  there are so many such incidents where I have been adviced by some people and even I have adviced and have got to learn one or the other things through these incidents, which helped me to improve myself.

“Be kinder to yourself”, ”Always know your worth”, “The world is bigger than you think it is and your worries are not as important as you think they are, just be you”. Do not worry if you look different, or feel you look different, from most other people.

Learn the life lessons and even the smallest advice, remember them because you may not know in which part of your life it may be helpful. Learn from your failure and try to not repeat the mistakes, instead learn from the mistakes and inculcate some good habits which you feel would be the better version of yourself. Be truthful and never loose hope because where there is a will, there is a way.