If I was in my favourite fictional movie

If I was in my favourite fictional movie

As children, we all had some sort of fantasy about how the world could be. Fictional film or narrative film is a film that tells a fictional or fictionalized story, that builds stories around those fantasies. In this style of film, believable narratives and characters help convince the audience that the unfolding fiction is relatable, though not completely believable. Lighting and camera movement, along with other cinematic effects add magic to these stories. 



One of the greatest fantasy stories of all time is undeniably Harry Potter! Each movie of the Harry Potter collection is filled with magic, fantasy and almost all possible genres one could think of. The level of detailing like the sorting hat, wands etc is just amazing. It all started with a fictional novel by J.K.Rowling which bewitched me into the wonderland of Hogwarts. There are also parts of the story to which people can easily relate to like the 4 houses, similar to the ones we had in school only here it’s with a magical touch of sorting hat.


The protagonist roles of Harry, Hermione and Ron are just a message about beautiful bonding in friendship and their strength as a team in facing every danger they encounter. Well, I am a fan of Harry's valour in facing the evil wizard Voldemort. If I had been in that movie I would want to impersonate myself as a student character in Hogwarts. Just the imagination of being in a magic school is mindblowing.. Imagine actually being able to play with magic, fly around on a broom, play Quidditch and what not. The magical world of Hogwarts is my fictional dream place where I can live to be a wizard with special powers. 


I would like to be better than the protagonist in selecting the right choice to defeat the evil without causing much damage to anyone else and face things together with my two friends like Ron and Hermione but not put them in danger. The movie itself has been designed and executed perfectly and I wouldn't want to change anything about it. It's fun to imagine myself in such a fictional world at least in a movie where I can be anyone without any limitations and yet be myself.