A travel guide for the place you have been

A travel guide for the place you have been

Have you ever visited an area with some preconception on the other hand discovered a completely different side thereto place? Have you ever been a place just for beach and found something more fascinating? Yes, one such place on behalf of me is Gokarna, located in coastal Karnataka (India).I and my friends were getting to visit an area post lockdown after a tiring pandemic days between four walls, its then we found this beach place Gokarna thinking that it's an easy-going, comforting beach destination but never did we imagine that Gokarna is so much more than just being beach and chill life. With all of the above, Gokarna has a stimulating drawn-out historical story that gave us a totally new perspective of the place.

It has various places one can wish to visit for,

Mahabaleshwara temple

Granite was used to construct the temple in the 4th century in the Dravidian style of architecture. Thousands of pilgrims visit Gokarna each year in order to worship the Atmalinga in the temple's sanctum sanctorum. Dakshin Kashi is considered the Mahabaleshwara temple. It is very close to the main Gokarna beach.

Maha Ganapathi Temple

This temple was built in honor of Lord Ganesha who played a pivotal role in saving and installing ‘Atmalinga’ in Gokarna. We can see the blow in the form of a hole on the head of the idol of Lord Ganesha caused by Ravana. The temple is adjacent to the Mahabaleshwara temple. It is a custom to worship Lord Ganesha before the ‘Atmalinga’ in the Mahabaleshwara temple.


Shifting to the heart of Gokarna -the beaches


Gokarna main beach: This one is probably the longest stretch of beach in Gokarna. Beautiful place with lot people visiting. Alongside this there are more other beaches Kudle Beach, Om Beach. Kudle beach was easy access to us as we had arranged our two days stay in Kudle beach resort. This beach resort was covered with grove of coconut and palm trees. The resort has its own beauty. The aesthetics of building, food area, the beach standout during night times. The atmosphere and hospitability there gave us happy time and memories. And then the view of OM beach which forms the om symbol by the rocks and sand gave us all the joy. Apart from mentioned, there are lot more beaches like paradise and half-moon beach.


Gokarna is one among the wonderful places known for its beauty and history. The visit to the place was memorable and exceptional because of its magnificent ancient temples and beaches. Visit this place to unearth the history of temples and spend some time with the nature.








Looks like I should add visiting Gokarna to my Bucket list!