Learnings from Covid-19 pandemic

Learnings from Covid-19 pandemic

Covid 19 pandemic also known as corona virus pandemic is an ongoing global pandemic. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Majority of the people who used to get infected by this virus used to face some respiratory problems and used to recover without some sophisticated treatments. But for about 10% of the population infected by this virus the virus used to be chronic and fatal because of some poor medical condition of the infected people. During my school days I always used to wonder on how actually the virus mutates as I have been learning it in our Biology subject. But the information and the impact the virus had on human population  gave me a conceptual picture and the dreadful condition a virus can have on humans and animals.

This deadly corona virus has taught a lot of things to me as it has taught to everyone. Most importantly I have learnt that life is unpredictable.There is no guarantee that we will be alive tomorrow.No one in this earth is mortal.But how we respond to life is within our control.So, it’s always better to live a healthy life .The second thing which I learnt was jobs are temporary but savings can only help you in your most crucial situation.As we have seen many people lost their job after the pandemic and were unemployable and were deprived even for the basic amenities.The third thing which I learnt was health is our wealth.So, it’s very essential to have a good health and also to avoid having street and restaurant foods and try to eat home-made dishes as much as possible.

After the dreadful pandemic people became aware of pathogens and viruses, how they spread from one person to another and how important it is to wear masks to protect not only us but also others from being infected.While there are still problems for which we need to seek a doctor in person, the pandemic introduced a new urgency to what had been a gradual switchover to platforms like Zoom for remote patient visits. Many of us have become aware of how much we need other people. Many have managed to maintain their social connections, even if they had to use technology.It’s very evident after the pandemic that humanity still resides in the hearts of people.Despite bothering about their health many people have jumped in for the survival of someone’s dearest father, mother, son, daughter, brother or a sister.

Physicians, health care workers and doctors strived day in and out without bothering about their health and family. Social workers and NGO’s paved a great help to the people in need at such a crucial situation.

To highlight some of my major learnings,

->The pandemic doesn’t care who we are. It doesn’t mind whether you are rich, poor, black,white,a person of upper or lower caste. It just wants a host to mutate in and multiply in a large number.

->Testings are not 100% correct so if we are tested negative it doesn’t mean that we are healthy and we can roam anywhere witthout wearing masks or taking proper precautions.

->Covid has many symptoms so its not that if we don’t face some major symptoms we are safe. Even minor symptoms may be fatal.

->It’s a must for all to get vaccinated not just for the safety of ourselves but also for the people those who stay with us.

->It’s very essential to maintain atleast 6 feet social distancing.

->It’s advisable to always have a bottle of sanitizer whenever you go out or meet someone.

->Lastly, our nasty caste system and the ego we human beings have flattened.

When all this is over, Earth will continue to spin, and life will flow again. The question is whether by then we have learnt our lesson.

Let us be mindful of our Earth and it will be kind to us. "There is no rainbow without rain and no fruits without seeds".




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