Learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic

Learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic

Over the last few months, we like to change drastically around the world. Corona has bought negative outcomes, terrible lessons, and death. In common we have learned that masks and vaccines are useful tools. More than that we have learned some tough lessons in the year 2020. The invisible virus has demolished the thought that human is the master of nature. I believe that it's still not too late for humanity to correct its course and live in harmony with nature. 

In the present context, humanity matters more than money. The 21st century should be remembered as the century where humanity put aside differences and collaborated to save the planet. Corona had taught us social distancing where we get more closer by heart with family and virtually with friends which we missed on the busy of life. We all are equal before mother nature. Coronavirus has not followed any artificial divisions created by humans and without discriminating against anyone it had made a negative impact. This reinforces the belief that we need to rise above all human-made artificial divisions and prejudices. After the pandemic, we had learned that compassion and mutual help are the two important things that every Indian should include in their daily lifestyle. We need to further strengthen this virtue in our conduct only then we can create a better future for all of us. 

Health infrastructures, public hospitals, and laboratories have been leading the fight against covid-19. Public health services have helped the poor with the pandemic in view of this corona had taught us public health infrastructure needs to be expanded and strengthened. During the lockdown all the schools, colleges started online classes and office work turned into work from home. Information technology and communication have promoted e-learning and distance education. By this coronavirus has highlighted the need to accelerate science and technology. So coronavirus had taught us that we can use technology as a medium to learn new things and the adoption of science and technology in harmony with nature will help sustain our survival and growth.

Finally, covid had taught us that we must learn to prepare adequately based on previous experience and must learn to better articulate and prioritize overreaching goals. It had also taught us that we must learn to work collaboratively. More than everything corona had taught us self-care is not self-indulgence and family and humanity matter more than we realized.