The adventure that took an unexpected turn.

The adventure that took an unexpected turn.

We all may already know, a beautiful quote called "Life is full of surprises and miracles". Here, I decided to share some of my life's adventurous moments, which took a totally unexpected turn. I think, my age was 12 and we went on a tour in Goa. On the second day of the journey, we reached a place called Shiroda, where a famous  Shri Kamakshi Temple resides. I was surprised by the glory of the temple, at the same time we were planning adventurous things that should be done on that day. The key to our room was in my hand and was in hurry to open the room, which was one of the adventures for me, at that time, but my fate had another decision. Suddenly key slipped from my hand and fall into the ground, from the holes it slipped into the ditcher. All people shouted at me for my action. We then got to know, it was the only key to the room from the owner. After 20-25 minutes, one boy came there who was elder to me, and understood the scenario. He took some kind of small stick, and slowly removed the key from there. I was surprised, probably all people who witnessed this thing, because we all tried the same kind of thing many times, but we were not successful to get the key back. I still believe that the boy was sent by God to rescue us from the problem, because if we were not successful to get it back, then we would have paid a hard fine and also would have to delay our move for many hours.

Nowadays, we would have noticed a lot of adventurous things, which are ending with sad and harmful situations. For example, a few days back, I heard that a few friends went to a dam, which was almost filled, and these guys lost their valuable life while taking selfies. One more incident, I want to mention, a group of people were missed in the forest without following proper instructions given to them, and it was very hard to rescue them from the unknown place.

Adventures attitude is very important for personal growth, but it should not go to a level, where they get stuck in ridiculous danger. We have to think twice, and must pre-plan our next move. We know, it's impossible to always follow some rules, but at least we must have an overview of the journey, and some prior preparations for it.

"Sometimes, the unexcepted thing that we can not change, but end up changing us forever."

By this, I wish to end my small experience on  "The adventure that took an unexpected turn."




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