Quarter Experience in Sushiksha

Quarter Experience in Sushiksha


Sushiksha is a mentoring programme organised for the scholars of Vishwa Konkani Student Scholarship Fund. There are around 20 mentors and 170 mentees. I am really lucky to be a part of this colourful workspace. 


I was there in the workspace from the beginning and was familiar with the culture there. At the starting of October, we had an opportunity to be a champion for a team and had to lead 11 members. Without a second thought, I registered to be a champion. Finally, I got a wonderful opportunity to lead amazing teammates who are

determined and they know their path. It was the beginning of big healthy competitions of the team. We started off with a great inaugural ceremony session by our mentors. I got a wild range of information in that session. I learnt many things and I am still thankful to the mentors for that session. After that, we had our first team meeting where we went through all our platforms like slack and zoom. We also introduced ourselves to each other. It was really nice to know my teammates and their skills. Even though we knew our team we did not have that bonding yet, the journey for the quarter had begun.



I had my teammates details and we were ready to start with a bang! In the meantime, after all the teammates had talked. And I got to know even more about them. In the Indian tradition, we had to keep our team name. It was a rather difficult and interesting task to do. All of the members were busy searching names and after running through different names we finally settled for one name that is “Urja” which means Energy. Personally, I liked the name very much. After that, we had to create a logo for the team and most of the team members poured in a lot of ideas. In the end, we also had a competition for the best Team logo. It was a really nice moment where our team won.

We also had started to settle down with the norms in the workspace. We are almost like best friends now. Teammates have also been given lead roles which have a high responsibility to bring the team-up. Lead roles where as follows: Pair, OKR, Oratoria, Content(for slack), Litclub(for reading books), Events, Celebrations and  JOYs



Many new initiatives were introduced and with that, some of the tools for productivity was brought onto the table. One of the great and useful tools is OKR. OKR is just

an Objective Key Result. It is a way to set our future targets and measure them day by day. I recommend this to everybody. In this, I learned to update my progress every day and see what areas I am working on. It made me adapt to some really hard habits also.



Meanwhile, as we were working on our daily projects in JOP ( that is the joy of programming where people tell their updates on their personal project) we had got a privilege to learn from Datacamp which is a great platform to learn Data Science. I am really happy because the courses that they provide are of high quality. My team started to do it every day. It was also fun collecting the XP's that we got with each course or task.



Oratoria happens to be the most exclusive occurrence in the workspace, once in a month. There are essentially three stages of this thing, one is between the team, then it’s inter-house and there will be Grand Oratoria at the last. Winners will get awesome prizes and badges. It's a kind of talking club. This oratorio is a rare experience that helps you to compete and speak in front of a large audience at the same time. A great opportunity once in a month. Reaching at the top is highly challenging!



Pair is nothing but a place where most of the people sit together virtually and work. Pair session consists of 30mins each and is done on Zoom.  A timer will be set in the beginning and at the end, a retrospection will be taken verbally. This has helped me in every aspect while working. I will be having some major troubles in focusing on a single thing and it will help me to keep myself accountable. I also pair with my team. It is a better way to understand them and sometimes we also talk and have fun in these sessions. It also helps as a stress buster.



As the pair was evolving into a friendly place to be, a bot was introduced in our slack workspace that would connect me with an unknown person in the workspace to understand them and become friends. Through this, I got to know a lot of things. This was an amazing initiative that was done in the workspace. Donuts a 1:1 session on Zoom with our peers. It is a kind of conversation to know about each other. The first donut that I had was with a mentor Royal. The session was amazing as it was the first-ever donut in the workspace. It was an ecstatic experience. Then later I had so many donuts with lots of people. I got to know each of them, understanding their likes and dislikes.


1:1 with Mentors

Mentors are the core people who give us the advice to move in the right direction. Talking with mentors is a great thing because you will get more wisdom. Each mentor has their own perspective and path. Talking to every mentor will bring us a wide range of knowledge. I got to meet and talk to many mentors. Each of them was special. I remember all the 1:1 sessions. I admire the mentors. To take feedback from them and implement it will make me reach my goal.


Leaderboard and Badges

These two things leaderboard and badges played an immense role in motivating us to the peak. We have our own website for Sushiksha where anyone can give any individual a badge. These badges carry points. We battled for Hustlers every month, taking into account pair hours, Datacamp XP's, OKR records, and Slack messages-reactions. The badges also made a difference, because if we got a lot of points, we would stand on top of the leaderboard. Our team had a decent amount of points, but could not win both the Quarter and Hustlers



It was raised to put coding into the lives of everyone and to demonstrate its substantial SCL. I was really lucky to have this because we had to attend some awesome sessions and learn from our mentors about web creation because I was from a computer science background. In this scenario, SCL Mini and SCL Maxo, there were two stages. I was not trained well for the SCL Mini and had not learned many things. Coordination by our squad was a little weak. Later we fixed our errors and switched to SCL Maxo, the next big case. The beginning of project planning just provided me with such a thrill. I've been so excited about working on these projects. I've learned so many things I can do in this process. I'm able to create a web app now. My teammates have also put in a lot of efforts to mention, and we enjoyed it.

All these months were full of fun, joy and surprises. The time I've spent here is going to get me some fruits. These fruits would be able to nourish other people more. As a champion, I have made many mistakes. Often, by myself, I could not evaluate any circumstances. I had to ask my friends and my mentors for support. Ask for feedback from them. I am sure I have grown a tremendous amount.



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