Realizations of the 1st Quarter of the Sushiksha

Realizations of the 1st Quarter of the Sushiksha

Sushiksha is the best thing that happened for me in this lockdown if someone knows me from the KSHAMATA camp, I am usually one who would sit in last and listen silently without getting into anyone's notice.

Sushikha/Sophists workspace has changed that, as we complete a quarter after the full-fledged Sushiksha Mentorship Programme started, I would like to share the experience with you guys.


When lockdown started, I was waiting when Royal will put the message on Sushiksha 20b Slack workspace, around the end of March Royal arranged a talk with Dinesh Pai, and then he invited us to the new Slack workspace, with the condition that we need to be super active in the workspace. In the initial days, I made the same mistake of staying back and adding only reactions to the message, I got some confidence to come forward and add the message when I joined #pair for the first time, I enjoyed the #pair, it made me study continuously without any distraction and it was in the pair when I spoke to Royal for the first time.


As the month progressed, I got involved in JOP, Delivered my first Oratoria speech, actively participated in a Fireside chat, and many more, but this was just beginning, Sushikha workspace was warming up for the big thing,  and then the big thing happened, because of lockdown we missed our second SOTP camp, and then WKC decided to conduct it online as a fest, called it as Sushikah festival, it was a grand success, we were divided into teams I got a chance to lead one of the team and made some unforgetful memories.


In the meantime, I was working on the Suhiksha website, I would love to tell the story of that, but will keep it for a separate blog.

In October month, Guru maam and Sahana Akka started a full-fledged Sushiksha workspace, With the idea of House and teams. I volunteered to become the champion, Our first task as a team was to come up with a name and logo, we iterated through many names and finally settled for Udayagiri, which was my House name when I was studying in JNV. My first task as a champion was to onboard newcomers, they were new to the slack workspace, I and a bunch of them explained about the Pair, OKR, and many more.


The first month was a little dull as many were just getting settled in the Workspace, even after that Slack saw a surge in the number of messages and reaction added, it set a benchmark for the forthcoming month, we saw new Super active people, we saw people getting removed after showing high inactiveness, in our team also we lost one member, we had two meetings with Guru maam and Sahana Akka, on how to lead the team, got to know how other team champions lead their team and several tips to lead the team, the first month was full of the learning curve for me, also I was putting my best efforts to complete sushiksha website.


Finally, The day arrived for the launch of the Sushiksha website, I was elated on that day, I never expected that the Sushikha website will launch in that fashion, there were more than 100 members present at the zoom meet. everyone congratulated me for completing the website, I still have that chatbox messages of that day. As a Sophist, everyone developed the culture of expressing gratitude and giving Badges, everyone needed a medium to showcase all of these, and I am glad that I was able to help in this. I will be always thankful to every member of the workspace who made these possible. special mention to all the contributors. 


In the second month, Guru maam and Sahana Akka introduced the rewarding system, in that time everyone was active in the workspace and we were able to hit 2k messages per day which is a big thing. 2nd month motivated us to achieve the bigger things, everyone was watching the Sushikha leaderboard very closely, in the second month Ankuram team won the Hustler of the Month award for being performing wonderfully in different areas.


Coming to some big events conducted in the workspace, SCL maxo is one of them, everyone got a chance to showcase their coding skills. and it gave the corporate life experience for all of us.

Many were just new to coding at the start of SCL maxo, together as a team learned many things like documenting the project and many more.


December month was a big month for the Udayagiri team, we gave our best shot for Hustler of Month, we worked as a team and we're fortunate enough to win in a small margin and receive those goodies. We did not win the Quarter Champion but I am happy as me and my team tried our level best in the quarter, there are many memories to cherish from the first quarter, made new friends through the donut, gained leadership skills, Improved my coding skills through SCL and speaking skills through Oratoria and fireside chat. considering all, the first quarter was a grand success. 




Amazing! Well written!!