Sushiksha - A good choice I made

Sushiksha - A good choice I made

There is always something that motivates us to do more, right? Yes, I joined Sushiksha because I loved the three-day Sushiksha festival which was full of activities that I enjoyed a lot, and being in a team gave me a different feel and energy. As soon as I was informed about the chance to join Sophist, without even thinking twice, I hopped in and filled the form. I was ecstatic to see the mail that I received to join Sophist.

Everything was going fine in its way, and it was the first week I joined the Sophist group. In the initial days of Sushiksha, I felt uncomfortable as I couldn't manage everything and even felt like dropping. But as days passed it became a routine to open Sophist every day and to shower reactions and comments. I started enjoying each activity in Sushiksha, but still, I had a starting trouble in taking initiative and joining events.

I was really happy with my team Avishkar and felt like our team was run by girl power. Champion was the strength of each member of our team, from being there for us in every little thing to appreciating us in everything we did. She motivated us to participate in events and made us believe that teamwork could help us achieve anything.

The most I enjoyed in Sushiksha was my lead role.  Being an SCL lead, more than learning to code and its technical aspects, I enjoyed managing my team. Bringing them together and motivating them was the happiest thing for me as a leader. Even though we all were new to this, we worked hard for the team. I am proud of my SDT members for their constant efforts. All the mentors in SCL were really helpful they had a lot of patience to listen to all our queries and gave us suggestions. Datacamp was another great shot for us to do courses free of cost.

Every mentee's career was given importance here, as a part of this, resume building sessions, etc. were conducted. This helped me to assemble a resume for myself and having one made me super happy. The effort made by the mentors to guide us to have a professional LinkedIn profile was helpful as I was new to LinkedIn. Coming to academics, JOE helped me to increase my knowledge in core subjects. The sessions taken during JOE helped me get my doubts solved as the mentor took sessions on the topics that mentees found difficult to understand. Pair sessions was another great thing that helped me to study with concentration.

The luckiest thing I felt to be a part of Sushiksha was to have such awesome mentors. Sahanakka and Gurumam are always there from caring for us to guiding and motivating us to be on track. One on one helped me to interact with mentors and make a better plan for my career. And I was really happy that every mentor here is so friendly that we can approach them anytime. If the One on one helped me to define a fine path to a career, yummy donuts helped me get new friends. Talking to people of different cultures helped us to know the differences in living habits we had. I loved Oratoria even though the Improv section was a challenging thing for me to participate in. The initiatives taken by the mentees to display certain activities in gestalt was a relaxation for me from academics and other activities.

Karan's 21 things are something I could relate to and be necessary for me. Every time I think twice before joining events but it was after Karan's 7th thing out of 21 that helped me to participate in activities without even thinking over again.

The badges given to even the smallest efforts gave me interest and motivation to work more. Seeing the team moving up on the leaderboard was another level of happiness, so we kept on trying to make the team to the top. Sushiksha is the place where I saw a virtual birthday celebration for the first time. This proved that nothing is impossible if you love to do it. It was nice to see that every member's birthday is being celebrated and I am waiting for mine to come.

Now I feel really lucky to be a part of Sushiksha and if I hadn't joined Sophist it would have been a great loss for me because now I feel I am more productive than before and from a person who was uncomfortable interacting with others to get comfortable with people even when I am talking to them for the first time. I feel like I have improved after joining this beautiful platform. I am really glad to be a part of Sushiksha and would like to continue forever.



Well written!


Beautifully conveyed! Great work.