Sushiksha and Me

Sushiksha and Me


Sushiksha, just by listening to this word I get very thrilled. Sushiksha isn’t just a mentoring program for me. It’s like something I would wish to have even in my dreams. Sushiksha is everything for me: my second family, the root of my joy, and where I see myself differently. I owe all my growth and productivity over the months from October to December to Sushiksha. I was a part of the Sophists workspace from the beginning and loved it so much that I never left. When Sushiksha was announced in September with more mentees, I knew there would be exciting stuff coming up in the coming days for us. I was totally geared up. I loved how the workspace was filled with people and their enormous messages and reactions. Everyone was excited and then a wonderful journey began.


I opted to be in Rishabh’s team as we were working together on the JOP project and also I was a part of his team at the Sushiksha festival and I loved how he led the team. We named our team “Urja”. We were eleven on the team and I’m happy that everyone is on the team even now. We were totally comfortable with each other and even had a team party in October itself. I was initially not active on pair but was good at okrs. I later realized pair sessions are really amazing. I started joining pairs and my days turned out to be more productive and I had a lot of fun interacting with others on pair sessions. I opted for lead celebration as I loved hosting. I got the first opportunity to host for a birthday at the end of November. I was usually free without many responsibilities and hence I started helping other leads with their works. If a lead was busy or forgets something someday I would try to do their work for them.


Datacamp came in as a boon. I was initially a little hesitant to spend much time on it due to the pressure of online classes and exams. Later I realized how amazing datacamp is and I never looked back after that. SCL was one initiative that I never expected to have. It was an amazing journey in the SCL project for me. At a point, I had even decided to quit but my team supported me well and helped me during that phase. I successfully made many contributions to the project and we completed the project.


Oratoria was in the workspace from the beginning but here we had a new version of it. From team level to house level and then to grand Oratoria, it was thrilling. I loved speaking in house Oratoria for one round. I got really nice feedback on what I had to improve upon. That is something we won’t get everywhere.


Donut bot was used to pair up two random people and we used to have a session. But then it was announced that donut sessions can be done without the bot assignment. It was such a huge opportunity to know more people and also to improve my speaking skills. I’m not an introvert but initially, I was not much aware of what to speak so I did few donut sessions with my teammates as I was really comfortable with them. Then I  got a flow and texted a lot of people for having a donut session. I got to know a lot of things from them. Some gave me insights about their life, college, and their hobbies, while seniors gave me information about coding and placements along with it. It was fun and also gave me a lot of knowledge.


One-on-one with mentors was once in a lifetime opportunity. Before my first session, I was a little worried about what questions will the mentor ask me? Will I be able to answer them? And many questions were taking rounds in my head. I had my first session and I was so comfortable. I went on to do a few more one-on-one sessions after that. All the mentors gave me a huge bundle of knowledge and shared a lot of their experiences. It wasn’t just about coding, placement, and interviews. We did have a lot of fun talks. Those were all in one type of session. I couldn’t ask for more. 


Sushiksha was planned to have teamwork and a leaderboard and that is something I loved the most. Leaderboard constantly helped us to know if we are improving and if not, then in what aspect we need to work harder. Hustlers and Q1 prizes were announced to be given at every month-end and quarterly and I felt so lucky to be here. We get the scholarship, we get mentorship, we get knowledge and the goodies were such a huge addon. No scholarship program could have done all this except for WKC.


As a person and as a team player, I have evolved a lot, and that is what I believe is a great achievement in itself. I came a long way from zero pair hours a day to 10 pair hours a day, from zero XP a day to 10,000 XP a day on datacamp, being on top of OKR leaderboard, and getting a decent Q1 leaderboard individual score. I see a new me now. Without Gurudath Mam and Sahana Akka and our dear mentors and all the mentees, all of this would not have been possible. With each day passing, I aspire to improve more.




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