The strong people who have always taught themselves to stay strong, to never give up and to never let go of the seams that they held for so long.


In this world, people are always afraid to lose people. And yet, most people stand at the verge of breaking people. We must always know, "People are merely an excuse to describe ourselves". We should not really page a person in the way they talk, in the way they walk or in the way they behave. We should always know that there are three sides to a story, the Sun, the moon and the truth. Judging someone always depends on the truth that lies in the deepest part of oceans. Because people are oceans!

 In order to understand what you really need to achieve in your lives, listen to the teachers, the parents, the peers, the priests and everybody who always guide you and tell out to your flaws and mistakes without hurting you. Build yourself a wall, so that no person can break it. A lot of people will always try to bring you down But ultimately, what you need. what you seek and what you want is the only thing that will keep you positive and alive. The one person who will really know what you feel is your own self. Become a person who you have always dreamt of. Be someone's reason to smile by building yourself into a strong castle.


In this material world we must know that expectations bring a lot of taxes to pay for later when everything is done enjoying. The truth is, no matter what reason, never let out a secret which is your weakness and never let out your strength which is your key weapon Because, bitter truth and sweet sugar coated lies have a different fruit to bare! Be an elegant person, hard to break but soft spoken, since people these days who seek elegance are the least. Learn to practice silence speaking. It is an art of learning, noticing and accepting reality To be quiet, is to seek the mind of peaceful thoughts. 


Don't complain about things because sometimes it may worth not wasting your precious time. It's always better to be dormant in times of predicament. You should realize how lucky you are to have so many people supporting you. Always look at the bright side. Work hard, Be positive, always be curious to learn and always work hard to achieve your goals. It is not the success that matters , It is always the journey.


Do not question your caliber. You are awesome, just own it! Be you. Stay true to yourself no matter what the situation is, People really do not know the worth of something unless they are paying and it's their credit card! If we do not really know what feels like achievement, we will never become free.




 There are 8 billion people in the world and still counting Let your thoughts make a difference Dream big, live simple.