POLICE - Public Officer for Legal Investigation and Criminal Emergency

POLICE - Public Officer for Legal Investigation and Criminal Emergency

As children, we’ve all played he game of thief-police. Where one kid assumes the role of a thief and the other – police. The police tries to nab the thief and if he’s successful, the thief becomes the police and it continues so on. 

 In India, people have begun to see no distinction between thieves and police in a broader sense. When subject is about protecting nation, people collectively name Army and Police. But in their minds, respect is only given to Army or defense and treat Police as negligible organization. There might be various reasons why they pay huge respects to Defense officials. Of course, sacrifice is both duty and privilege to them. Interference of politics is negligible. But our constitution has set up the administrative body one has to follow it. A high profile man is working under a person who has not got any education, representing the people. This makes them move towards bureaucracy.

Broadly there are two main divisions in Police service that is State Police service which is governed by State government and Central Police service which is governed by Central government. However , the entire commission could be influenced by both state and Central governments, though Police falls under state subject. In the base level there are constables whose main requirement is clearing 12th class. As a result you can assume their efficiency. They haven’t come into light about the major organized crimes, they just look into those petty crimes and take actions. Next comes SI i.e. Sub Inspector. They are selected on the basics of merit by evaluating their physical fitness, current affairs and basic general knowledge. They have medium-level training regarding day to day activities of petty crimes and station management. Next comes state police service, selected under civil service examination conducted by State Public Service Commission. His post is respectable and given with many benefits but only promoted till SP where he is superintendent of a district Police.

Now coming to their working, Police don’t have any weekly offs, festival holiday, sick leave or no work during strikes. Instead of these days there are doing ‘double duty on these special days when others are celebrating happily. From a survey it came to know that average compared to normal citizens 52% of policemen couldn’t give time to their families. In metropolitan city it was 92%. And they are not given proper salary time to time. Police are for safeguarding people and this must be understood. Many of the parents wish their children to participate in reality shows, concentrated sports activities or to be in films screens. Then who joins the force to safeguard public? The first aim should be to equalize the policeman to population ratio. There should be a reform in police to change its outlook in the eyes of public. They must inspire future young citizens that, joining forces either Police or defense is of great valor and respect. Police is very respectful organization which lag behind because of inefficient bureaucracy. Not to worsen it further we have to join our hands ethically with them to stand as a powerful organization for protecting civil law and order. The Police is all about service, adventure and sacrifice.