My Experience in Sushiksha Workspace

My Experience in Sushiksha Workspace


When I first came to know about the Sushiksha workspace on Slack, there was a slight confusion in my mind whether to join it or not because I had no confidence that I will be able to finish the task or any subsequent responsibility that would be given. But at one point of time, I felt as though this was the best opportunity that I have ever got and I need to make complete use of it because this workspace might help me to be productive, while also boosting my confidence and ability to speak in front of everyone. I thought I would be able to overcome my stage fear. These were the reasons that I joined the workspace and now I’m very glad to tell that I’ve taken a wise and right decision in my life where I can see the changes in myself.

For the first few days, it was hard for me to mingle with everyone because people who were already in the workspace before were too close and I being newbie felt different. As a result, I was inactive for some time. Later I got the responsibility of being the lead of content i.e., encouraging my team members to be active on Slack by creating posts, commenting and reacting to the posts. The responsibility that I got was completely opposite to what I was before. Being inactive for two weeks in the first month to being a lead, I needed to make sure that my team members were being active in the workspace! I used to login everyday and check all the messages for an hour. I used to feel happy and get good vibes every time I opened Slack. I always felt like I’m in three different worlds i.e., first being - when I see the workspace (there I used to get the feeling that I’m in camp) and second – a contrasting feeling when the virtual classes got started (since we have not met any of our classmates) and of course, the third world - reality!

I’ve learnt a lot of things in the workspace. As I said earlier, I had a fear to speak in front of others so to overcome my panic and anxiety,  I joined Oratoria first edition. Even though I did not do my best, I’m  happy that I took one step forward to speak  in front of everyone. Soon after, in the third edition I gave my 100% for my speech. Although I made a compact mistake, my team members selected me for the second round. In the second round I gave it my best shot and became acquainted at what place I have to work on! Because of this Oratoria, I can say that I have learnt many things. It also helped me to overcome my fear and give my best in the presentation at college with confidence.

Donut bot enables us to pair up with mentees or mentors within Slack workspace and allow them to schedule a meeting for themselves virtually. Donut sessions are always amazing. I got to know many people and learnt more about each other through one-on-ones and had fun donut session. It felt really good to talk to them as we discussed many things like about our college, labs, lockdown experiences, data camp courses and plenty more.  I made new friends and cherished all camp memories, enshrined our school and college days and captured all funny moments. We also had one on one with the mentors which is a great opportunity to clear all our doubts and ask for suggestions.

The biggest benefit that I have got in this workspace is SCL. I did have a part of theory knowledge about coding but I didn’t know how to implement it. I learnt step by step and opted few courses on DataCamp, which made me ponder more about the code and I hope that I have contributed my bit for the project.  After SCL Maxo, I was attracted to code and thrilled to start something new to kick off in my journey, accordingly I started to work on my personal portfolio website as a beginning step.  I’m contended that I made an appropriate choice and I’m gleeful that I am a part of SCL.

One more thing that I like in this workspace is team party at the end of the month. I'll be always waiting for this party so that our team will take a day off and play games and at last Karaoke at the end which turns out to be extremely fun. I enjoy each and every moment here. Celebrating each member’s birthday in the workspace and their surprises feels tremendously great. I'm so happy that I'm a part of Sushiksha workspace.



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Well written!! ❤


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Well written.


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