Are Exams Good or Bad?

Are Exams Good or Bad?

 Truly saying there are no good or bad terms in Exams. Those are dynamic words, which will reflect our preparation. Just preparation is all we need to do from our side. Exams are good if you prepare well, or else it might look bad. Exams are just a way through which you can grade or measure the knowledge you gained regarding the particular subject in terms of marks. If you get fewer marks, you must not get disappointed. It’s actually good to get less marks sometimes because only then you will get to know your weaker point in your preparation and then you can work hard and prepare well for the next round of exams.

I would like to share with you my own story. I wasn’t good at mathematics at my school. I used to get very few marks. I just started thinking, what is that makes me score less in exams, what are the practices that I follow which shouldn’t be followed, what mistakes I make during my preparation that I shouldn’t have made, and just worked on it. And that was the way through which I was able to score very good marks.

One might think if there were no exams it would have been so good for all of us. But actually, it is not. If there are no exams, there might not be any way through which you can grade yourself. There might not be a way you will get to know your weaker point.

Never be overconfident of anything in your life. It will hit you back one or the other day. In my school days, in my higher standard, I was very much confident that I would score distinction in Mathematics, so I used to study less with regards to that subject, and it hit me hard. I scored less than the average score. But I wasn’t disappointed, because that exam taught me to never be overconfident of anything!!


In the end, exams of course are hard but they are relative. It is about equipping yourself to know your areas of interest better. Never keep the result as the end goal. Think of how you can help yourself learn better and use time judiciously. Remember, results only come from hard work. But nobody said that work cannot be fun. Good luck! Don’t forget to smile.