Donuts and Donuts sessions

Donuts and Donuts sessions


A donut is a type of dessert food made up of sweet dough with some chemically leavened or naturally leavened ingredients. It is a sweet and tasty dessert that is popular in many countries. This can be prepared at home or purchased from a bakery, stalls, or in supermarkets. The ingredients like sugar, yeast, butter, baking powder, eggs, flour are mixed and prepared sweet dough and shaped, then fried in hot oil. After frying, it is glazed with some sweet liquid or chocolate syrup and some DIY sprinkles. The donuts that are filled with creamy pastry and Jams are called Bismarks. These Bismarks look like donuts, but in this, they won't cut the center; it is filled with fruit-based pastry or creams and dipped into powdered sugar with sprinkles.

How are donuts prepared in a bakery and home?
Donuts in the bakery are prepared with some chemically leavened ingredients; the batter may vary with chocolate, Vanilla which includes some fruit such as blueberries or nuts. Yeast raised in donuts is leavened by carbon dioxide for the fermentation of yeast that has to be used in the dough of donuts. In the bakery, they use some chemical preservatives to store it for long days. Preservatives like a blend of sodium propionate, potassium sorbate, and sorbic acid are used in preserving.


These sweets can be easily made at home using some naturally leavened ingredients and without any equipment. They are baked and sold on-premises, in small bakeries, stores, and franchise production for  standard products and pre-packed carefully for controlled display. Large commercial bakeries make thousands of donuts each day, packing them and being distributed across vast regions.



The history of donuts was started in the eighteenth century Dutch of New Amsterdam and referred to as olykoeks, which means oily cakes. In the nineteenth century, Elizabeth Gregory fried the sweet flavored dough for her son Hanson Gregory and named it a doughnut. Hanson was not satisfied with the dough fried cake consistency that was served on the ship. So he invented the hole for doughy cake in the late nineteenth century. In this way, donuts came to history.



On a regular basis, the donut bot will select some people from the intro channel of the workspace like Slack that we are in. Slack is a computer application for the vast organizations to communicate both as a group and  in personal discussions through direct message .Donut bot sends a DM to the people of the workspace to encourage them for lunch, donuts, or a virtual coffee over a video chat. Donut bot always checks whether the group of people has met or not. After the meeting with the person that has been assigned by a donut bot, we can leave compliments to revisit each other anytime.

Donut tries to introduce those people who don't interact in the workspace with others. It also sees the activity in the channels and matches the people, and sees those who aren't in many channels together. Donut bot also keeps track of who has been introduced for the past week and avoids the frequent repeats. Donuts bot will always introduce the people at 10 am in the selected time zone.

Donut meet

As I'm a part of the sophist workspace in Slack, I have joined the donut channel. When I joined the channel, it started introducing me to new friends, and like that, it has grouped me in five rounds and gave me five new friends. I had terrific sessions with all the five donut friends; we could grow our network in the workspace through this donut bot. Every Wednesday at 10 am, it will introduce a new group consisting of 24 people in our workspace. I had excellent donut sessions with everyone, and we discussed many things and had fun in the session. After a few days, we had a chance to have self-assigned donuts, and due to this opportunity, I made many new friends and even came to know about their interests and many things. So I enjoyed my donut sessions and had a great time with my new friends!


So guys, how were your Donut sessions? Let me know in the comment section!




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