Thoughts Overdue #9

Thoughts Overdue #9

'Storm and Silence' by Robert Thier is a historical romance. In the book, Lilly is the main character and the one thing she longs for, in her life, is freedom. But, freedom is a commodity that is rarely found in 19th century London. Lilly doesn't want to be like the other girls. She wants to carve a path for herself, and support her family while at it.

I would rate this book negative stars if I could.
In my lifetime as a reader, I've read books that were stupid, vacuous and despicable. But, never have I read a book that's so mind numbingly vapid as this!

Reading this book made me feel a load of emotions, and none of them were remotely positive!
It makes me feel sad that books like this get a 4.51 star ratings where books that deserve so much more get abysmal ratings.....

Anyways, here's why I absolutely hated this book:

1. The lead female character is a "feminist". According to the author, this means that one should hate and despise every single human male!

2. The female lead character is unbelievably egoistic and claims to be intellectually superior to everyone in her vicinity and yet is unable to piece together the most basic of clues!!

3. The lead female character (it's getting tiring for me to type lead female character, so I'll just call her by her name -Lilly from now on) is a hypocrite. She wants to gain freedom and equality for women, so she disguises herself and takes up work under a MAN. Apart from this, she wants her boss to give her equal duties as he would give to a man. I'm fine with this. But, what I'm not fine with is that when he actually DOES give her duties, she whines SO MUCH!!! Complaining that it's not right for him to give so many errands as she's a woman.

4. Ella's character (Lilly's sister) is made out to be submissive so that it can be a contrast to Lilly's. Ella is so thickheaded, mindless and foolish that instead of thinking she's innocent and childish, all I wanted to do was punch her in the face - repeatedly! 

5. Don't even get me started on the half cooked mystery that takes up almost half the book!

6. This book is sooooooooooooo freakishly long. It would make more sense if this book was divided into thirds and made into a trilogy of sorts.

7. This seems like a stupid reason but, it grated on my nerves that the male lead character's motto is "Knowledge is power is time is money"! That sounds so ridiculous!

8. Lilly is supposed to be a funny and rule breaking girl, but all she manages to be is an annoying and mindless girl who breaks rules just for the sake of breaking it. Without any reason whatsoever!

Honestly, I could go on and on but, I'd like to stop here because if I go on, I won't be able to stop myself in the foreseeable future.
So, for your sake and mine, don't read this book, unless you want to feel the need to throw it into the furnace and stomp on it!