The Origin and Physics Behind Anti-matter!

The Origin and Physics Behind Anti-matter!

Antimatter is defined as matter that is made up of anti-particles or the particles opposite to the ordinary matter particles, whatever the properties the normal particles and sub-particles possess , the anti-matter has it flipped including the electrical charges. Scientists believe that anti matter was created along with matter when an extremely dense energy point exploded creating galaxies of our universe known as the 'Big Bang'

Like how atoms are made up of Electrons, neutrons and protons, in the similar way anti-matter too is made up of the same subatomic particles but with reverse electric charge. Anti-electrons or positrons behave like an electron but have a positive charge. Anti-protons, the same way, are protons with negative charge.

Now the important question, is it real or purely theoretical?

In reality the antimatter particles have been generated at the huge Hadron Collider (particle accelerator) in CERN, Switzerland.

Antimatter particles are generated by ultra high speed collisions in the Hadron Collider. When you collide accelerated particles at very high energies and speed, this process transforms the kinetic energy of such high particles into mass. After the big bang explosion, the universe later cooled and expanded where particles of both matter and anti-matter were generated in the same amount.

Now we might start wondering if equal quantities of both the matters were produced, then why don’t we hear about it much or why matter is the majority is yet to be discovered!

But researchers believe that an anomaly or some unknown mechanism might have disrupted the entire process, the oscillating particles after the explosion either decay into matter or into anti-matter equally, but an anomaly might have caused the oscillating particles to decay into matter instead of anti-matter. The Researchers in CERN have been trying to figure out this anomaly to this day, studying this might give us a better understanding of the existing universe and how it was made. 

Now it is believed that a collision between a particle and an anti-particle leads to a big annihilation where the mass of both completely convert into energy leaving nothing behind. If every matter in our universe were to meet its counterpart anti matter then the entire universe would be nothing but energy 

This energy generated can be calculated using the famous equation, E=mc2.

Even though the anti-matter produced in CERN is in milligrams, if we are able to produce anti-matter in bulk then, the applications would be immense. It can be used in Medical field to treat cancer. It can be used as fuel, it is believed that if anti matter was isolated and we had enough anti matter to use it as fuel then interplanetary or even interstellar travel would be possible, as the energy density of anti-matter is so damn high. It can also be used in weapons but if an explosive is made of pure antimatter then the explosions would itself be devastating and would result in the end of mankind.

In this way, anti-matter experiments are allowing us to put understanding the fundamental working of the universe to exciting and new tests. Who knows what we will find?