You. Or at least people a lot like you. Space settlements will be a place for ordinary people.Presently, with few exceptions, only highly trained and carefully selected astronauts go to space. Space settlement needs inexpensive, safe launch systems to deliver thousands, perhaps millions, of people into orbit. If this seems unrealistic, note that a hundred and fifty five years ago nobody had ever flown in an airplane, but today nearly 1000 million people fly each year.Although some colonies may follow this model, it's reasonable to expect that the vast majority of space colonists will be ordinary people. Indeed, eventually most people in space settlements will be born there, and some day they may vastly exceed Earth's population. Based on the materials available, the human population in orbit could one day exceed ten trillion living in millions of space colonies with a combined living space hundreds of times the surface of the Earth :)

Unfolding the mysterious of the dark and silent space with no known boundaries has always been a dream of the human race. The desires of man has ultimately been accomplishment through the exploration of space using various space launching vehicles, space probes and satellites. Here I had gone through the space exploration and its environment which was very curious and now too. As we know that space is endless that is it is not having any specific boundaries, as same the knowledge of the space is on going discovery. Yesterday information will become old today. So we are very happy to learn about space.

              All our guide had gave us a large amount of knowledge about space travel. Since the beginning of time, man has been fascinated with the stars and sky.  From the time the first man took his first step on the moon, space exploration has been growing and expanding.  More and more people are coming up with new ways on how to study the universe.  Hence, the more time spent on studying the sky, the more that we will obviously know.  So, it would be safe to say that now is a great time to continue the exploration of space.  The 1990’s contributed to the study of space with new technology, intelligent astronauts, and future ideas.

             My opinion is that we must create a baloon type of material in which we will be having all the facilities required in our daily life. When we go to space we should blow it and create a small home there. I don't know if it's possible, but this is a good idea right?

             As I said, this is the never ending topic. There is so much to know in this topic. But, this is what I know. I think I did my best. Any mistakes, let me know in comment section. 

            The application of space technology are expanding in such a way that present era can truly be called ‘ THE SPACE AGE’. Therefore as already I told in my first blog “EVERY INCH OF A SPACE IS MIRACLE”

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